Perhaps we watch too much television, and now of course Netflix and Youtube. Perhaps we are consuming content at a terrible pace. I’m not here to take away anyones fun but I do want to sour it a little.

What do we gain by watching? We may garner a smile. Forget our life for a little while, but most importantly we hear and see a story. We are not served by that story because it puts us in a stasis, a stasis of inactivity, one which we’ll come to regret later.

Entertainment kills a little time, but life is not like the movies. Life demands us to live and to act. It will not be satisfied, indeed, we will not be satisfied by watching because we are meant to act.

Time is limited and we take it for granted. We often can’t wait for the day to end and pray with deep sigh for the arrival of another weekend. And then the time comes and it goes. One show ends, and so begins another, but we don’t gain anything by it.

It’s not that the thing we watch is not worthy of watching, it’s just that our life is as important, no, far more important than the lives at the movies. Your life means everything and only by leading, acting, and creating can our hearts be content and our souls satisfied.

We were born to greatness. A greatness unlike the movies. A meaningful life isn’t scripted. It is lived. Happiness isn’t formulaic and predictable, it is earned. 

Earned by living well. Not by watching.


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