Every day I wake up I imagine what my day will look like and at the end of the day it took on a completely different shape. I never noticed this before. I never much paid much attention to what my life was like but it’s like I now have a super hero power and I am able to self reflect and think about things that are really meaningful and important.

My days are never as planned. Some are better and some are worse, but I use the word worse loosely because it is very relative. Relative because we put a value on our experience and events and in the long run that experience shapes us and we are most grateful for it.

I won’t lie to you. I am very determined to be internationally known as a photographer and writer. I am aiming big. I want art gallery shows. I want beautiful art books on the shelves at chapters. In short I want people to hire me because of my style and who I am.

I am very determined but my day is interrupted by the needs and wants of a seven year old girl and a nine year old boy. They can be a challenge and they don’t always get along so well, but that is another story for another day, and I’m sure you have your own.

These two little critters change my plans daily, if not hourly. 

My day is filled with one interruption after interruption, but I have to tell you I wouldn’t change a thing. Ok, maybe I would like to be a tiny bit more productive but I love that I have two little critters who love me enough to bug the snot out of me.

So my day doesn’t go as planned. So what. It seems that is a common thread for everyone, regardless if you have critters or are critter-less. If it’s not one thing then it is always another. 

My take away from all of this is simply to take life as it presents itself and to do the most you can without quitting. I think quitting something is the real danger. It takes huge momentum to realize your dreams, and starting from the beginning is really rough. 

As long as you don’t quit, it doesn’t matter how slow or how insignificantly incremental the changes. It doesn’t matter how many critters you have or what other things life decides to bless you with. 

Life is never as planned. But plans are not life. Life is life and it is so beautiful if we learn to pay attention to the meaning of it all.


Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@alvaroreyes