April fools has come and gone but life is no joke. It is a serious and grave matter but it doesn’t need to be all the time. It’s no joke but all those sour and constipated faces we see everywhere and in the mirror don’t exactly make it fun or easy either.

We are like Cameron from Ferris Bulers Day Off. If you showed a lump of coal in our anus, our constitution is so tight that in less than three weeks we would have a diamond. A precious stone to marvel and and cut glass with. But we won’t have a diamond, just an overworked and tense sphincter muscle.

We need to learn not to take ourselves so seriously and not to take life so seriously either. April fools is a reminder of that. A day to participate in pulling pranks on each other, a day to be light hearted, and a day for fun.

Why do we store up our fun days for only once in a while? Why is it so hard to be loose and see the humour in our daily circumstances?

It will take a far more intelligent mind to answer those questions. I am here just to wonder and imagine what life could become for you and I, if we took ourselves less seriously and enjoyed ourselves a little more.

Maybe our mistakes would feel so burdensome or so insurmountable. Maybe the bad choices we make can make us smile. Laugh out loud that we’ve come into the same room several times, but still don’t know why we did that and what we wanted in the first place.

Levity and light heartedness is warranted everywhere in the world. It belong inside of every person and we need more April fools. We have to become fools. Clowns that make other people laugh. People who don’t take life too seriously. Great men and women who have discovered that the quality of life is far more important that the quantity and longevity.

Couples celebrate their wedding anniversaries with some champagne and a nice steak, but they treat each other as disposable water bottles the rest of the year. They nag at each other, find fault and peck at each other all year, having the inability to let go a little, and find another substance other than coal to play with.

It’s no joke. 

Life is a serious thing and laughter even more so.

I think that it’s good to laugh. Laugh a lot, even and especially laugh at the things we know we are not supposed to be laughing at. There is something magical and freeing in laughter. A whole world opens up for everyone when we see a person who smiles. That smile penetrated deep inside our soul. It heals us. It uplifts us. It shows us why we are alive in the first place and that no matter what life is meaningful and everything is going to be alright.

Happy belated April fools. 

Let’s continue to be a little foolish for a little bit longer.


Cover photo generously provided by photographer Victoriano Izquierdo.