Sometimes I get tired and things don’t go my way. I am sure the whole world can relate to this but I have made a major change in my life over the last few years. It is a change that is very easy to implement and follow. 

No matter what. No matter how you feel. How legitimately tired you are. No matter how much life pulls and pushes back. No matter what, never complain.

It’s not that you don’t have a reason or that it won’t feel good, its just that complaining about anything in life is dangerous because it lowers our positivity and often leads to gossip. This is why we should never complain, not even once, not even under our breath or hide it deep within our thoughts.

It’s not easy. Thoughts come at us all day long and some are not the pleasant kind. You can’t chase them away but you shouldn’t listen to them either. 

The things all of us go through. The ups and the downs are real. The emotions and disappointments we feel are real too, but we must remind ourselves that complaining will not get us what we want, it will simply prolong and extend the state of mind we find ourselves in. For that reason we need to be courageous and have no complaints.

There is no formula or any steps. You simply stop. You wake up, tired, pour yourself a cup of coffee, look outside and ask, what’s next? You keep your feet moving. You slow down if you’re moving too fast. You turn off social media, if they are getting out of control, and they are always getting way out of control.

No complaints.

It makes a huge difference.

Sharing your burdens with a friend so that you can be understood is different. That is not complaining. Just to be clear. But everything else must be put to rest and never see the light of day.

PS: Countdown to change is on.

These little journals are coming to an end on December 31st, 2019. Instead I am going to put in the same effort into writing short fiction, perhaps even a novel. Thank you to a most beautiful soul who cares deeply enough to show me what I need.


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