Summer is upon us and the time is here to develop a new routine. It usually takes me a week or so to adjust because it is hard to justify waking up at 4am when you don’t have to. It is much easier when you have to be at work for 8am anyway.

Summer brings with it new opportunities. An opportunity to get at things that have been on the back burner like cleaning up and organizing. Being on the road a lot doesn’t give me much desire or opportunity to declutter and to organize my space and there are a few corners of the house that could use a bit of that in spades.

I’m not sure what my summer routine is going to look like. I have given myself til the end of the week to work out a schedule. I need to make myself aware of all the kids activities they will be doing, and family commitments we have made, so that I can carve out some time (as much time as possible) to get at the things that I know need to get at.

I am very proud that I continue to write every day. It is sometimes a burden and it would be easier to just abandon it with the illusion that I will gain more time to do the important things, but I think writing each and every day keeps me honest. It is like an anchor. No matter what I get to each and every day. No matter how slow or how fast I make progress, I have been able to write every day for the last two years and that suggests to me that I am a full time writer.

I think you need to keep whatever commitments you made to your dreams too. Keep them and find a bit of time to do a little more. This is what dreams are made of; a steady pace of tiny purposeful and disciplined action. I think the universe responds to that. God can’t help but smile when we use our talents and chase being who we can become.

The warm weather helps too, although I find myself drinking a lot more beer and coffee which health wise might not be something I should get too enthusiastic about.

Cheers to new routines. Cheers to change and opportunity. 

Now back to work. I know that something, somewhere, definitely needs to be sorted and restored to proper order. 


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