Plans change. Learn to expect and accept it. 

They have to change. It would be super silly to think otherwise yet many people stubbornly and sometimes desperately refuse to change and desire nothing more for things to remain the same. But things can’t remain the same. Things have to change. When you put a new piece of wood upon a raging fire, it will be consumed. It has to be consumed. Nothing right or wrong with it, it’s just life. It’s just the laws of nature that govern our existence.

Yet we do not accept nature. We don’t want to go where life is taking us and so we sometimes stubbornly drag our feet. We lay down. We complain. We feel anxious. We want to hide as though life was a passing storm.

Life is not a passing storm, and the things you are facing or that your loved ones are facing are not something to get through. Everything we face and deal with is something that has to be lived. Lived. Not overcome or done.

How often do we forget that we are human beings and not human doings. We get so wrapped up in the news of the day, the set of due dates which pressure to do one thing or another, and the failure of others to respond the way we want them to. Those are all things that are a matter of doing, but where is the concern in all of that for us having the ability to be.

No matter where you go. How low or how high, there you are. You are you with or without a job. You’re you in or out of a relationship and you are you with and without cancer. It’s all you. You and the rest of us, facing the same challenges and the same tempests.

Being. That is what life is about. That is people who know and care about you will remember about you. Who you were and not the little bungalow you managed to pay down before you died.

Life is about being. Life is not about doing, although the school system, and are cubicle existence would testify otherwise. Regardless, you and I were meant to be human being and to bend to whatever comes our way. We are very bendy. Most certainly, very bendy indeed.

So don’t fear change. Don’t be anxious when things don’t go according to plan. Plans are made for people. People are not made for plans. Accept that change is inevitable today. Not when it smacks you right across the face. At that time it will be too late. Your feelings and thoughts will be frazzled and they’ll do what they are prone to do. No. The time to get this right is right now. Tell yourself and take to heart the idea that you are great at being and that the little doings all around you come and go. It doesn’t matter if you used to write letters or now write emails. It doesn’t matter how much your life has changed, because somehow, despite it all, you remain exactly the same.

Beautiful. Wonderful. Wondrous. Ponderous. Meaningful. Magnificent and strong… human being.


Cover photo generously provided by photographer Amy Treasure via