Like a worn out pair of jeans, you have to realize its uselessness and throw them out. You have to abandon your old pessimistic attitude with which you approach many moments and burden many people. Your tired, old, urine stained remarks have worn themselves out. Your foul sarcasm has lost its bite. You just seem angry now. No longer funny. No longer entertaining. All those little jabs you used to take at yourself and other people have grown old and tired. It’s time for them to die. It’s time to reflect where your old attitude has gotten you so far?

Yes, there is definitely strength in numbers and many people love all kinds of topics to gossip about and get depressed over, but if you have have any hope for a more meaningful life, this can no longer be you. Forget who you were. It’s not about that. Don’t look back. Look forward. Don’t feel guilty or get overcome with regret. Anticipate instead what a new way of thinking could mean? Imagine what a new optimistic attitude, or a new sense of being, could do for your life.

It’s certainly worth a try. You have nothing to lose. Except maybe time and an ulcer.   

You need a new attitude. A new set of thoughts that will become something in the future.

Thoughts are like seeds. What you plant, weed, and feed, will one day blossom into something. You don’t get to choose your life. You don’t get to choose struggles, but you do get a choice in how you view them, and what you’re going to do about them.

A positive attitude is everything.

You should have two modes. A mode of either being fantastic, or of being in the middle of working at  becoming fantastic. There should be no room in your life for anything else. Any other mode will only sting you and imprison you. Downcast eyes and negative thoughts will only sabotage every effort you ever make to be who you want to be. They will pin you and submit you to inaction. For only a person of great faith and hope, pushes forward when there is sometimes so little indication that anything will ever happen or that anything will ever matter.

Thoughts become things.

Your life will manifest what you think about.

Try it. What do you have to lose?

But really try it? Don’t just mouth words.

Look in the mirror. Lock eyes with the person you often ignore and tell them what you want. Tell them what you are thinking. Tell them what you are dreaming of. Tell them that its possible. It’s possible because even a failed journey to the impossible, is more fulfilling and exciting the journey that was never undertaken at all.

If you’re not ready to toss out your pair of jeans, than at least do everyone a favour and keep you mouth shut, when you see others get at what they want. Don’t bring them down. Nurture them. Honour their passion and their dreams. Lend them a helping hand.

Find a new attitude.

Fine new hope.

Find yourself all over again.


Cover photo generously provided by photographer Grant Rich via