Don’t you ever give up.


It is perfectly natural to want to take a break or sprint towards the end of a shitty day.  To close the book on our failures and many mistakes of yesterday that continuously haunt us.  It is perfectly natural to want to quit and force them to go away. 

But as natural as it all feels, it is never, ever, acceptable to fall into the temptation of giving up.

You are worth far more than that.  Far more than you believe and tell yourself.  Far more than you allow yourself to see.

Giving up is very tempting. 

Our frazzled minds and tired bodies don’t want to deal with anything anymore.  They want it all to stop.  The good.  The bad.  Everything.

Our thoughts and feelings at that moment don’t want to smile and take a deep breath or be granted an extended lunch break.  They don’t want a time out, or an extension. 

Our exhausted minds and weak bodies just want everything to stop.

We want to give up.

We want an end of things.  An end of everything. 

The end of your diet.  The end of your lustful affair.  The end of all financial burdens.  Professional pressures.  Family obligations.  Unmitigated commitments and endless household chores.

That is what we want, but deep down, we don’t mean it.

Don’t believe the lie.

Giving up is easy.

You draw a line in the sand.  You stop doing everything you are doing and for a moment or two, you experience a false sense of joy and fleeting sense of temporary relief.

It is temporary because we cannot stop living.  We cannot stop motion and perpetual progress.

There is no such thing as being neutral.  Taking a break.

You are either moving towards something, or you are simply moving away from it.

You are growing, or you are dying.

Standing still is a myth and giving up is the only unforgivable sin.

The sin without redemption.

By giving up, we put an end to all momentum.

Our action imprisons us in solitude, loneliness, wretchedness, and self-loathing.

Giving up binds us to a very dark place, with very little comfort and much regret.

We have too much time to think, and it is never good.

So, what should we do then?

Trust ourselves and faith in our dreams.

Do anything and everything necessary but don’t ever stop dreaming and believing that the pain and exhaustion you’re feeling is only a temporary state of mind.

Your state of mind might last for days, weeks, months, and in some cases, many, many years.

It’s not easy.  It is never easy.  But no one ever said it would be easy.

If they did.  They lied.

Life is worth living. 

Life is worth living, under all circumstances and under all conditions.  There is meaning to be had and a life to be lived at all times.

Our moments of weakness present an opportunity for us to emerge as heroes and saints.  We owe it to ourselves and those we love, to embrace our humanity and embrace our trials.

We deserve to get everything we want out of life.  We were born to live our lives with remarkable meaning.  We were born to live in abundance and gratitude.  Born to win.  Born to be a badass. 

When you are overwhelmed with decisions and find yourself stranded in a fog of doubt, simply avert your gaze and count the few steps that lie before you.

Wake up.  Make a tea.  Have some breakfast.  Yawn.  Stretch.  Make a list of only three things that need to get done today.  Do them.  Everything else that happens can be considered a blessing.

Tomorrow, make a list of four things.  Than five.  Increase or decrease that number as needed.  There is no right or wrong way to move forward.  You can lengthen the list or shorten it.  Life is a series of moments that pull us back and forth.

There is only one marvelous you.

We only get one life to live. 

Do what needs to be done.

Seize whatever is possible in the moment.

One step at a time.

But never give up.