I woke up this morning feeling very tired and disoriented. The reason is not important, but what’s important is that no matter when or how you wake up, you will experience a magnificent rebirth. It is something we just can’t help but experience each and every time we return from our slumber.

It really is a rebirth. Each and every time. It’s a chance to be great or to be good again.

Waking up signals the death of yesterday, the birth of today, and the promise of tomorrow.

Today is a beginning. No matter how you feel. What you have done. Where you have been.

Yesterday is over. Tomorrow may never come, at least not in the incarnated body you hope it does. The future will arrive without consulting and on its own terms. It will bring with it a new set of demands, and plenty of blessings, if you remain faithful and welcoming of being born again.

When we wake up from our dreams, we tell ourselves that we have woken up to reality. And so we frown when when it’s Monday, and we sigh a sigh with joy when it’s Friday. We think we are waking up into something. Something that is static. Permanent. Something that has been willed and determined, but it’s not.

Our mind will manifest what our reality will look like.

I’m not crazy. You can’t just manifest and will millions of loonies to magically appear in your starved bank account. You can’t get your job back. You can’t always repair every relationship. You can’t bring people back from the dead.

But you can manifest the reality of what you will do about it. You can wake up and send out another dozen resumes and prepare for a future interview. You can forgive yourself for past failures and find a way to be good again. You can dry your tears, and cherish the memories, which won’t bring the person back, but which will show you each and every day how lucky you were to be in a relationship with them.

Maybe I am crazy. Maybe I am making too much of this but I don’t think so. Our mind is key to everything. It is the engine that drives the beginning and end of everything. It’s how God whispers to us and how we whisper back.

Each morning is a rebirth.

A chance to be great and do something meaningful.

It’s a chance to be. An opportunity not to be defined, but to define something.

Our last human freedom is our ability to choose our attitude towards the things we cannot change, but we don’t have to wait until we have become so desperate. We can define our reality. We can exercise our freedom each and every morning.

We can wake up tired and disoriented and carry that with us for the rest of the day. Drown each hour with a fresh batch of coffee and imprison other people in our perpetual moaning. Or we can realize we are tired and choose a different path.

A path that will lead is somewhere new, or to a place we wish we could stay forever.

Don’t waste your opportunity to be reborn again.

Don’t waste today.

Be someone great.


Cover photo generously provided by photographer Jack B via unsplash.com