I’m not sure how it happened but I missed doing my daily journal entry yesterday. I had full intention of writing one. I was even on my way to a coffee shop to get some work done, and than a friend texted me to get a coffee, and then I went over to my sons hockey camp, followed by making dinner, followed by two soccer games, and just like that I find myself sitting here on Friday, wondering where Thursday went, and why the hell is this such a long sentence?

Part of living a meaningful life is going with the flow. Not too much, otherwise you get swept up into a sewage system of laziness and regret. Flow is good though. It’s natural. It is the way things are supposed to be.

We don’t live lives that were intended to be scheduled, lives where we have things to do and accomplish. We have nothing more to accomplish than to live meaningfully and that can’t be done unless we find something meaningful to do and than work our asses of to do it well. We need to be somebody. Being is infinitely more important than doing, but a lot of complaining takes place about not having that and being jealous that someone else has something we want

I missed a day and the world still turned, the sun came out, and these words were written.

There is a lesson here.

There is nothing wrong with a rainy day or not getting at what we promised ourselves we would get at. I think the most successful and happiest people in the world are kind to themselves and know when to push and when to do nothing at all.

Life is not a game. Not a finite one anyway. If it is a contest, it is a chess match with the intention of playing well and not winning. For a long time this has been something I wasn’t living. I know this because I would measure myself against some standard I thought I should be at and against people I thought I would be like.

Today I am very concerned about being who I am meant to be. Noticing the mistakes I make but not getting wrapped up in them. Being kind and generous to others, but not at my own expense.

It’s not easy. It wasn’t meant to be easy and shouldn’t be missed.


Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@davidpaschke