Your mind is perhaps the most powerful device you have ever mistreated or underutilized throughout your life. The most important tool that doesn’t get sharpened too often, and stays unused, perhaps even a bit rusty, in the back of the cluttered shed.

But your mind the key to everything.

You just can’t outperform what you believe you cannot do. You can’t outperform a low self- esteem, a loser’s limp, or a toxic attitude towards everything, but thank God, it’s Friday.

You cannot mine the gifts you don’t believe you have. You cannot become the person who you don’t feel you deserve to be.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

It can all change if you let go and begin to nourish your mind.

Feed and grow a mind that believes in abundance. In infinite promises and opportunities. A universe of abundant possibilities.

There is no genie lamp.

You can’t find one on eBay, rub it, and hungrily demand that this or that come true, like a petulant child.

Life is much better. Much fairer. Far more forgiving. Far more encompassing.

The fact is, we cannot feel ourselves into the future. We just don’t know what tomorrow is going to show up to greet us. We cannot accurately predict if the things we are working for will provide us the life we think we will embrace, or gut us into assuming the fetal position.

In the middle of this coming winter you will probably dream of getting away to Cuba, Mexico, or perhaps one of the glorious Caribbean islands. Nothing but glorious sun, you’ll hear yourself say. You will say it. See it. Dream it. You will save your money, find the time, and jump on a last-minute deal to paradise.

You’ll arrive in the happiness you anticipated when it was cold and dark.

The moment you land however, and before you even unpack, you’ll sense the beginning of a cold. Worse, you will probably drink too much on the first night and spend what remains of the morning, dancing with the toilet, babbling like a fool.

Ok. I’m not saying that this is inevitable. I’m simply saying that we have no idea what will happen to us in the future.

We take our cues from the past. We feel the future. We live and toil in the present.

Your mind is the key to everything.

You have to mine your mind. You have to dig and believe that it can produce abundance.

You cannot serve two masters. Things are either scarce, or there is plenty of them.

If life is scarce, it is probably better to give up now, then to deal with a lifetime of disappointment. It is better to quit before you begin, than be crushed under the weight of inevitable defeat.

But what if the word scarcity is just a concept buried deep inside your mind? What if abundance is nothing more than a different concept of the same mind?

What if you get to choose the way you want to see the world and act accordingly.

If you believe you are fit, won’t you do things that fit people do? If you believe yourself to be a musician, won’t you be performing something somewhere?

Scarcity will inevitably lead you to deep frustration and competition. Abundance will guide you towards hard work and selfless cooperation.

You have the power today to decide what your mind is going to mine.

Believe you can, or believe you can’t. Either way, you are right.

All things considered.

Believing you can is much better.