We all search for the meaning of life but the more I search, the more I realize that it’s really a search for meanings, plural, because life is not one big thing, but a lifetime made up of little moments.

That was a mouthful, I know, but you made it, so let’s continue. 

We measure our life and often speak of the need to find the purpose for our existence. I think that the reality of dying, of not existing truly messes with us, which is probably why so few actually face the reality of death in any meaningful way. At first we are sheltered by our parents or guardians. When we get older, we don’t want to think about our parents dying so we get busy living. But once you have kids of your own, or simply get older, and attend your fair share of funerals, you realize that many of the things that we get so bent out of shape over don’t really matter.

Who knew I would be writing about death this morning, but now that I’m here, why the hell not, heaven, right, that’s better. 

I think death scares us. It scares us because it makes us realize that everything we have, and everything we are is going to stop in this life. Death demands to know if we are willing to live our life anyway, because that in its essence is the meaning of love. 

Love has no material purpose. It doesn’t help us survive or get ahead in life. There is no point to be in love or to accept love. Lust yes, it serves the purpose to ensure the survival of the human species, but not love is one of those things that really doesn’t do anything, except offer an experience which has to be renewed and can never be monetized. 

Love simply loves. That’s it. It is self diffusive and giving of itself. It can’t be measured. It can’t be demanded, but what a difference it makes in the life of someone when it is freely given and reciprocated. Even if its not reciprocated, it still makes an impact.

I think that is the meaning of life. Our mission and the demand on our life is to love, and to love freely and often. Not once, but a thousand times a thousand times. 

Our purpose is to help and care for people and everything that is alive in every single moment that we encounter. This is why we sing and dance. This is why we go to school. This is why we start families, raise children, and buy Christmas presents.

Every single moment of our life is an opportunity to contribute something to the lives that come into contact with us. It is a chance to make their lives better. A chance to give instead of a chance to take, and thank God for death. I think without it, without the reality that we don’t get to do this forever in this lifetime makes us more open to give. After all, what the heaven would we be saving ourselves for?

So. I think our mission is simple. We need to stop navel gazing, feeling tired, and telling ourselves reason after reason why we can’t do or be someone, and find the meaning of our life. Find the meaning of our life in every single moment we encounter. See it in every person we meet and everything we undertake.

That is our mission, a mission to love, and that is the meaning of our life.

Cover photo generously provided by photographer Marius Christensen |https://unsplash.com/@sidelinejones