Make lots of mistakes, that is what I wish for your life. Lots and lots of little and big fuck ups, mistakes, and blunders.

But before you object and think less of me, let me explain.

For the longest time I had tremendous hangup about being wrong and making mistakes. I would wait and stall in order to make sure that no matter what I never looked or played the fool. Those days are gone. Bring on the days of uncertainty, trial and error, and moments of this might not work.

This might not work. It might be a mistake. It may hurt, feel terrible, or raise an eyebrow.

So what?

What will happen? There is time to correct the course, make things right, or if they can’t to begin something new all together. This is important because we don’t live linearly, hoping from one point to the next. Every thought and action we take opens up an unlimited number of possibilities, and the thing is, our mistakes sometimes lead to greater things than our successes. Not always, but it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, how you feel, at the bottom of everything is our determination to do or not to do, to be or not to be.

That is the answer.

See what I did there?

Ok. Mistakes are the key to everything. Not making them but not being afraid of making them. The things we want and the things we don’t want come from the same place. Good ideas come from the same place as bad ideas. So its a matter of going back to the well. Its a matter of forgetting what anything looks like or predicting where it is going, but a matter of going with the flow and getting to the task of digging our ditches.

Don’t be afraid of your mistakes of making more in the future. Make lots of them because if you do that means you are fully engaged in your life and you can’t help but come up a winner. It is impossible to be successful all of the time, nor is it possible to be unsuccessful all of the time. There is a balance to everything, and so you just have to learn to let go of yourself, do things outside of your comfort zone and trust that no matter how long it takes or what effort has to be expanded, you always have an opportunity for more.

An opportunity to be great and to dance with your dreams.

Dreams aren’t for the faint of heart. Dreams are for the foolish. They are for those who are willing to work on things that might now work.

How are you to know if something is a good idea, unless you see it through to the end? You cannot see if there is another peak and another mountain to climb, until you elevate yourself and arrive at the summit so you can see for yourself.

Never stop climbing. Never stop believing. Never get discouraged because something isn’t working.

Make lots and lots of mistakes.

Smile when you fuck up and put your efforts in a blunder.

Make more.


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