Yesterday my daughter walked up to me while I was having my afternoon cup of coffee and told me that I looked sad. The next thing I know is that she had her hands wrapped around me in a beautiful childhood embrace. I’m not sure why or what made her do that but I might be one of the luckiest dads in the whole world.

What a treasure it is to have the love of a child. I have a very grateful heart this morning because a little critter who at the moment is very much obsessed with horses, loves me so deeply. What a gift her life has been for me. I only hope when she never loses her joy, her kindness, and her smile.

Love is a great bond. Perhaps the only bond that truly matters and we have to remember to see it and let others see it also. People need to know they they are not alone. Loneliness is a debilitating state which can be touched if we only cared to do so.

Thank God for children and the purity with which they see the world around us. I’m not sure where our world would be without them. They remind us what it truly means to be human. They show us a way. 

We would be most wise to follow.


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