A grizzly bear and a white rabbit, squatted next to each other, having a poop. The bear didn’t know the rabbit very well, and so the kind bear engaged the rabbit in some small talk.

“Hey Rabbit, do you have any problems with poo sticking to your fur?”, he asked.

“No”, said the Rabbit.

So, the bear picked up the rabbit, and wiped his bum with him.

And so, it is in life. Sometimes you’re the polite grizzly bear, and sometimes you’re the unsuspecting white rabbit.

Sometimes you’re neither.

Be a humorist. Have a sense of levity, and embrace the role of a jokester.

I think a sense of humour is very important.

It is essential. Imperative. An unappreciated remedy for mental health.

Levity is a sign of joy. A temporary glimpse into a meaningful, purpose driven life.

You have to learn to laugh. You have to rediscover the puerile side of your human nature. Give yourself permission to be silly by filling your day with laughter. Don’t be afraid to laugh at silly or inappropriate jokes, to snigger at life, smile at the absurdity of things, and giggle at your own damn self.

Life offers us plenty of opportunities for laughter.

Every day, it is given that we will either be the bear or the poor white bunny. We are dealt a stupendous hand, or forced to fold, before we even begin.

The flow and movement of the grains of sand of time never changes. Life can’t be stopped or tread upon.

But our attitude towards the things we can and cannot change is wide open. Open for business, for much levity and silly double entendre.

Laugh at yourself.

I said laugh, not put yourself down. And don’t do it in front of people either. Especially people you don’t know that well. If you do, that is probably a sign of some pretty deep psychological daddy or mommy issues. But I’m no psychiatrist. I’m just a writer offering you some of my morning musings.

Laugh at yourself.

Be comfortable in your own skin. Be at ease looking in the mirror.

Understand that failure is not permanent and that mistakes don’t define who you are. Mistakes are events and all the events, inevitably come to an end. Your failures become part of your misremembered past, but your future is wide open. Your future and your desire to become someone you deeply desire to be, is still gloriously unwritten. It is yours for the taking. You are neither the bear nor the rabbit.

You’re not the poo either.

Your past mistakes are not an sign of where you’re going, or an indication of the things you cannot do.

Mistakes are mistakes and you are you.

Don’t believe you are something that you’re not. There is no reason to carry so burdens and regrets. You were never supposed to carry them in the first place.

Laugh a little.

Laugh a lot if you dare.

Laughter is a sign of peace. Of wisdom. A glimpse at a balanced soul. An indication that you’ve learned a few little things along the way. An indication that you love yourself (maybe a little).

So, take it easy.

Amuse yourself and contemplate the constipated composer.


Because he had problems with his last movement.

Or if you double dare, spend the rest of the morning wondering if a clown’s fart smells funny.

If you triple dare, leave a funny comment, so we can all share in the laughter.