Let’s go!

Those words should always be on our lips when opportunities arise that help us chase our dreams our dreams. It’s what we should be saying all the time. It’s what everyone around us should be hearing all the time because it’s not just good for us, but it is good for them.

I cannot tell you how many conversations I am in which are nothing more than a complaint about the other person about having to work, and how slowly or quickly the weekend is coming. I am not above any of that but there was a day not that long ago where I would be leading the charge in such conversations and they were so common that I wouldn’t notice them at all.

I notice them now and I quickly try to change the subject, especially if after a few positive words the person insists on dumping their frustration and garbage mentality.

Let’s go! What’s next? That is what we should be waking up with and saying all the time. We should say it so often that people will imagine we are somehow special and gifted. They will assume we have somehow discovered an extra hour in our day. We have found the twenty fifth hour, which is the reason we can be so positive and hopeful.

But it has nothing to do with more time or talent. It has everything to do with our attitude. I would use the word mind set but that has been so overused that I throw up a little whenever those two words come to mind.

We need a positive, hopeful, optimistic attitude. And if we don’t have this attitude we should do everything in our power to make sure we don’t have an opposite one. Being neutral is a step forward. It is a step closer to where we should be and desire to be.

So, let’s go. What’s on the agenda today. What is it that we can do today that we can build upon tomorrow? What can we do? Who can we help? Let’s get go to it because we are human, we are people who treasure our life. Let’s go, because nobody can do the going for us.

I’m no different than anyone. I face the same world and have my own struggles. There are too many of them to name and there are better things to do with our time. I am not different except I am generously trying to feed my mind with good things so that I have the right approach to life. I need to have a hopeful mind, one that doesn’t quit, that doesn’t say no, and one that doesn’t wait to long to get going, because I’ve wanted such a mind for a very long time.

Being hopeful and positive is not a privilege or something that happens after something marvellous happens to us. It is a prerequisite to everything. It is the first thing we have to do. The first thing we have to work on. Everything else follows. Everything else stems from how we see the world and see ourselves.

So, let go. Let’s have a great morning, a great day, and string those wonderful days into a marvellous life. You don’t want that negative energy anyway. It will drain you, imprison you, and make you tired. 

Be up, be free, and let’s go.


Cover photo generously provided by photographer Kyle Glenn.