A lot of the time there is no reason to make decision for tomorrow. The things that challenge and push us around toady have to be dealt with but there is no reason to finalize things today, when the future may look completely different. I think a part of us gets scared and we demand certainty and force that certainty by the decisions we make today, but sometimes that is in our best interest. This type of decision making often deteriorates into heavy demands or ultimatums.

Something we wanted to happen did not and so we issue an ultimatum or abandon ship in order to save face, or to run away from that uncomfortable bit at the bottom of our stomach, but all of life is very fluid. It is always moving. Things that seem far away draw near, and those that are inevitable, like a lightning storm, pass us by undisturbed.

We do this often with our diets. We have this approach with exercise programs. We apply this type of thinking to our relationships, business and life decisions, but it is a mistake to make decision that don’t need to be made, to secure a future that will not come anyway.

You need to decide for today and not for tomorrow. Feelings are wonderful and best served when they don’t lead us to decide what we should do. Feelings tell us where we are. We are angry, happy, disappointed, excited, lonely, frustrated, energized, sad, or melancholy. Those are all feelings that tell us where we are today, but they don’t last forever and it is a mistake to base our future and pour foundations on things that don’t last.

Whenever you start something, usually, everything runs smoothly and efficiently. There is a great deal of joy and newness that comes with something newly undertaken, but eventually we reach monotony and get a little tired, and this is where we stop or begin to reason with the future.

It is dangerous to reason with something that doesn’t exist and can only be shaped by time. I think it’s important to let go. We cannot shape our future in a sense. We can walk toward it, but what will come is outside of our control.

There is no reason to call an end to relationships for example, unless they are abusive and destructive in nature, but if an old friend gets busy with their life, there is no reason to get mad or jealous and to cut them out of our lives to settle the feelings in our stomach and to stop our mind from racing. The right thing to do is to get move over and get to the next thing on our list. To honour another neglected commitment. A no in one sphere of our life, is always a yes or an opportunity in another. Life is not a series of successes or failures, but rather an endless labyrinth of openings and closings.

Don’t end things that don’t need to end. Don’t push things that don’t need to be pushed. Learn to wait for the break of day. Live for the opportunities of tomorrow. Make decisions for today. Never decide today what needs to be decided tomorrow. Learn to let go and let the river carry you for a bit, instead of relying on your own strength and gumption.


Cover photo generously provided by photographer Randal Honold via unsplash.com