You need to quit. Quit putting the word ‘but’ after many things you say. You would save yourself a lot of time and frustration by just quitting.

You know what I mean. I want to lose some weight but its summer and there are all these wonderful patios open. I would love to get a better job, but the economy is so terrible and no one is hiring. I would love to ask them out, but they wouldn’t like me. I would love to chase my dreams, but I’ve failed so many times that I don’t see the point anymore.

Just quit.

Eliminate that ugly transition word from your vocabulary and own your shit. Really, truly, unapologetically own your shit. Own your whole life and be in full control of your whole being. Make decision without transition and follow through.

If you want to lose weight, close your mouth more often (that’s how the food gets in). If you want a better job, apply anyway (it’s not the economy, its your desire and work effort). If you want a date, remember that you’re not the one being asked, so its not up to you to say no before you begin. Grow some thicker skill and go for it. The universals laws are on your side. No one, and I mean no one, has been ever rejected one hundred percent of the time. You don’t need all your dates, you just need one from the right person.

Remember that being successful means that you’re number one, but don’t underestimate being unique and being you, because it means that you’re the only one.

The word ‘but’ has no business being in your vocabulary, nor does the word ‘try’. If the great Jedi Master Yoda taught us nothing else, he made it abundantly clear that there is no try and there is no but. There is only do or do not. Proceed or stop. Go or quit. Any transition tacked on to a sentence that shares your desires is nothing more than an invitation to failure.

A slow painful failure. A polite resignation. A most insidious insult to your human dignity.

Just quit.

Stop talking about all the things you cannot do and start identifying and working through all the things you can do. Stop obsessing about all the mistakes of your past, and focus on the potential future that doesn’t care who you are or where you’ve come from.

Quit sabotaging your own happiness but manufacturing excuses why this or that won’t work, or why this or that is not the right time.

Accept and love yourself. Accept yourself for the wonderful person you are, and love yourself unconditionally. No external force or person can ever make up for the internal hatred you might be harbouring against yourself.

Learn to quit and start today. No if’s or but’s about it. Leave all the transitions for another day, or simply learn to live without them. Restructure your words and the rest of your life will follow suit. You reveal much about yourself when you make excuses and look for ways to wiggle out of living.

Today is just the beginning. It’s the start of a new chapter of your life. You’re not finished. You have much to give. You have much to discover, so quit, and live a little. Live a lot.


Cover photo generously provided by photographer Bill Hamway via