When I woke up yesterday it was just another Tuesday. I woke up before the opportunity clock could strike 4:02am, sparing my wife being woken by an alarm that could shake the depths of hell. I got dressed, I had my protein shake, drove for an hour, and wrote ‘on my way’ in my car waiting for Starbucks to open at 6:00am, because that was better than doing nothing at all.

And that has been the story over the last two years. Doing something, no matter how insignificant or small, is better than doing nothing.

When I woke up yesterday it was just another Tuesday, but soon I saw signs that the day would be different. Sitting in that coffee shop I went to work on my first book. The first incarnation of it anyway, before I can give a proper birth to it in soft cover.

You have to believe me when I tell you that my mind was hazy. I just simply sat down and went to work, like I’ve gone to work day in and day out, but something different happened. I was finished. Done. It was complete. A surreal moment really. I didn’t see it coming, not on another Tuesday anyway.

At 3:20pm, at a local radio station in Cobourg, Ontario, I had managed to snag an opportunity to be interviewed about a Sparring with Fear Workshop I’m doing next week. That is a whole story in itself, and I amazed myself how much I loved being live on the radio. I am not sure who listened, or if anyone at all, but just the possibility of it. The possibility of reaching and helping other people who might be lonely or have their eyes cast down trickled excitement through my veins.

You’d think that this was it on this ver ordinary Tuesday afternoon, but you’d be misguidedly wrong. I received a message on Instagram that on Friday I will be picking up the keys and sharing a real, beautiful, photography space. 

Holy shitballs!

Just another Tuesday.

Just another example that illustrates that thoughts become things. It is so simple yet we have such a difficult time believing it. We think other people have more talent than us. They were given better opportunities than us. They had infinitely more resources than us, and some of that may indeed be true, but the biggest factor between failure and success, happiness and loneliness is how you see yourself and the story you tell yourself about the world. It also matters if you love discipline. If you have the gumption of honouring the commitments you made when things were good. The gumption to honour those commitments when it’s snowing and raining. When it’s miserable outside and it ain’t too pretty on the inside of your heart either. When you don’t feel like doing it. When you think you’re not worth much. When other things demand your commitment also. 

If you let thoughts become things. If you find the gumption to honour your commitments through daily discipline by doing whatever it is you need to get doing. If you do all that. If you think right. Do right and grind it out, you will probably find that today will be just another Wednesday.

Cover photo generously provided by photographer Jonathan Anvez.