Life has to be fun. It has to be at the centre of everything we do or else it’s not much of a life but hell or worse a widget making factory.

We deserve a joyous life, a fun life and that doesn’t mean laughing all the time. It doesn’t mean smiling all the time. That’s some kind of sign of a deep neurosis for sure. What I am talking about is real joy and genuine fun that takes place when we are doing what we are meant or want to be doing.

Joy is a sign, a sign that what we’ve undertaken is taking us down the right path because life is meant to be beautiful and never absent of laughter. It is beautiful and joyous. Again, I don’t think life is meant to be some kind of caricature or distorted disney movie, where you sit back and are rest assured of a predictable happy ending. 

Life is not like that but to think that life is not meaningful and joyous, full of smiles and laughter, is a lie.

I remember growing up as a teen and not having much self esteem. I thought I was too fat, not attractive enough, and not as smart as everyone else. I remember looking at a picture of myself from that time as a grown man with children of my own and I realized that the smile on my face disagreed and contradicted who I thought I was and who I believed myself to be. If I showed you that picture today, you would see a normal kid, engaged in normal things, living a joyous life.

We need to remember the joyful moments in our life. We have to seek opportunities to laugh and not take life so seriously. I think that would lead to a lot of forgiveness and a lot less conflict. We could always use a few more yo mama jokes too.

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