Know what you want. Make a plan. Follow the plan. Make adjustments. Keep going no matter what. It’s really that simple. The secret to a happy and successful life. See it. Plan for it. Follow it and adjust along the way.

It’s not easy. Nothing worth doing ever is, although I wonder about that sometimes. Some things are easy, aren’t they? I mean we make it sound all the time that its so hard to do this and do that, and life is not without its challenges. But why do we always take the position that makes life so hard and so difficult to bear?

I think we have to start there. It is also that simple. We have to start with our mid. Start with the way we see the world and assess weather the way we see the world is serving us or imprisoning us within ourselves. I am not talking about guidable, everything will be good in the end, wishful thinking. I am talking about positive thinking and having a mind that dares to try new things and one that doesn’t buckle at the first sign of trouble.

And there will be trouble but not the kind we pain in our mind. Trouble is really an opportunity. It is the course part of our life that sharpers our blade and allows us to cut out our dreams that much easier.

I don’t believe many of us struggle with the what or the how of what we want to do. We struggle with how we think and that we don’t really do anything about it. We let one day pass into the next without action, but that shouldn’t be. Today is as good a day as any other to start laying down some plans for 2020. It will be here in only a matter of days. So will 2021 and 2022. If we don’t plan for those years, they will come and go with a whimper.

It’s really that simple.

It’s time to assess what we have accomplished in 2019 and celebrate those accomplishments. It is time to identify the things we need to grow in. Time to identify them. Shine a spotlight on those things. It’s time to plan for success. Time to welcome 2020! 


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