No, it’s not the same. Right now I’m doing my writing on an iPad instead of my usual laptop and it’s not the same. The iPad is a wonderful tool but not the right tool, not for writing anyhow, or at least not for me. 

Over the years I invested time to learn how to type. I’m very good at it and my hands can tickle the keys on the keyboard almost as fast as my mind can dish out the thoughts. This is slowing me down and it simply isn’t the same. 

The iPad keyboard has this really annoying smiley face emoji option that keeps interfering with my flow. Of course the lead emoji is a smiley face and if I didn’t know any better, it might actually be laughing at me. it’s not the same and there are many things in life that are not going to be the same. I’m writing this not because I need to vent or complain, but rather to remind myself that ultimately what is.most important that the act of writing gets done. Slower. Differently. Annoyingly. But it it is getting done, and that is something we have to strive to remember and embrace. 

Things are not going to be the same. Life changes on a consistent basis. Everything is moving and everything refuses to stay the same. But our dreams and the only life we’ve got is the same. That is a constant that makes sense of everything. The how and the what and the where May change, and it won’t feel the same, but the why remains and if we are disciplined and open to what matters we will be much better for it. 

It really comes down to two choices. Either we want to do something or we do not. Either we really mean to reach our dreams by any means necessary or we’re satisfied to have those dreams belong to someone else. We can either complain that things are hard or not give up so easily and do our best. 

Our best, not matter how small, how strange, or how time consuming testifies as to what is hidden in our hearts. This resolve to do what is necessary and take life as it comes and not as we want it to come is what will ultimately bring a smile of satisfaction to our face. 

Stop expecting things to happen or work in a particular way. I know that this is an impossible task. We want certainty and security because so much about our life is uncertain and it all culminates in our death. It is therefore natural to want and desire for things to be the same and predictable. 

But no matter what we want, we have to fight for our dreams and not let our desire for certainty and fear of the unknown rob us of who we can be or what we can have. 


I’m at the end. My daily writing task is complete. It wasn’t the same. It was different. Tomorrow, I will return to the usual way, but for today I am on guard and open to whatever life wishes to whisper in my ear. I am ready foe change. To be different. To he,p other people live more meaningful lives or at least to being them a smile if they are too tired to dream up their own. 


Cover photo generously provided by photographer Emma Matthews.