It’s not good to hide and at some point in our lives we all do it.

There is this little voice inside all of us that shudders at the thought of being noticed and being the focus of attention. We play a game of tug and war with our lives. On the one hand, we want a fulfilling life, with all the trimmings that this brings, but on the other hand, we don’t want to be recognized, and are happy existing in the corner of a room somewhere.

Well, at least that is who I am.

I have been hiding my whole life. Coming out once in a while to assert myself, but I think those days are done. I am a new man. I don’t know how it happened but I’m going to ride this out for as long as it lasts. Hopefully forever.

I wake up each and every morning with a purpose and a deep desire to live and get into things. I love writing and I love photography. I love sports, theatre, and the movies. I love having random conversations with strangers, which if you knew me a few years ago is totally out of character.

But none of that matters now. I am looking ahead. I am looking where I am.  I am faxing where I want to be, and I know deep down in my heart that I cannot hide anymore.

Maybe you hide as well.

Maybe you’re afraid to say what you mean. Perhaps you think that its rude to assert yourself. That your opinions will not be valued anyway. That its better to just grind it out, stay quiet, and wait for good things to happen.

Hiding is like playing the lottery. You spend a few dollars on a set of numbers and then you ride the high of hoping and praying that God will make tomorrow your turn to be counted.

You don’t need a lottery. You don’t need to be chosen. You don’t need to be right, or more educated, or to have more money, or to look younger, or, or, or, and or.

You just have to stop hiding.

Be honest with yourself and with others. Take time each and every day to think and contemplate what it is you want to do and be. If you don’t know, you’ll never know which direction to take. But once you know, look out.

Change your mind and you general approach. Attack life with all the ferocity of a wild jungle animal. Rip whatever you dream about apart, like a wild hungry tiger. Own your life. Take whatever you want to take. Don’t steal it. There is no reason to be mean. Recapture your life. Reinvent yourself, even if you have to do it everyday.

Live a little. Hiding never served anyone. Not well, anyway.

You simply don’t have much time to wait. Retirement is an illusion. The things you tell yourself you will do tomorrow is nothing but a mirage. So don’t look back. Look ahead. You have a wonderful life to live. A life you haven’t fully yet imagined or realized.

It’s not good to hide.

You have to do everything you can to break yourself of that debilitating habit.

Hiding brings nothing but loneliness and painful complacency.

Getting out is not as scary as you imagine it to be.

Take a few risks. You’ll enjoy it.

Stop dictating the terms you’re willing to live by. Don’t settle for scraps that fall off the table. Let go of your mental shackles, and hope and dream a little. Give life full access to your being. Let her guide you. Do what she says. Walk. Run. Jump. Lay down. Sit back, don’t flinch, don’t resists her, and look ahead to something greater than you and enjoy the ride.


Cover photo generously provided by photographer Remy Lozvia