It’s not complicated.

Dream it. 

Plan it. 

Work for it.

But sometimes it all falls apart.

Sometimes we get in our own way. Sometimes, we tell ourselves stories that don’t serve us too well. We await big opportunities, seek inspiration and puddle jump from one exciting event to another, but what we really need is a bit of truth. A bit of the ordinary.

I read an exchange recently between Jacko Willink and one of his fans.

This young man wanted to know how he could avoid carbohydrates. He wanted to hear some insights and wisdom on how to persevere over his temptation. He explained that ever since he was a little boy, he loved indulged gorged on bread and sweets. He struggled with this, his entire life. Recently though he made some changes and experienced great results. But still, in his weakest, darkest moments, he always gos back to the carbs. No matter how hard he tries or what technique he employs, he continuously becomes the victim.

He wanted to know and asked Jacko Willink what he should do.

The reply was swift and not overly complicated.

“Don’t put it in your mouth”.

Simple. Direct. To the point.

Don’t put it in your mouth cuts right through everything. It stops all the stories because it doesn’t matter what your life was like as a child. It doesn’t matter how sexy and seductive bread is. How wide your ass is getting. 

It doesn’t matter how busy your life is. How hard you’ve tried. How good you’ve been. 

It doesn’t matter what your metabolism is doing or how negligent your overactive thyroid gland is becoming. 

It doesn’t matter that your gym isn’t open early enough, or that you’re to tired to exercise when you get home from work.

What matters at all.

What matters is that you don’t put that shite in your mouth.


The same holds true for all other aspects of your life and you are the key to everything.

You have to stop overcomplicating things and gathering your friends to your side to discuss how unfair life is, and how hard you’ve tried.

You have to stop blaming yourself, blaming your mother, blaming your father, blaming your children, or blaming Donald Trump for that matter.

Just don’t put it in your mouth.

Go and do something.

Dream out loud.

Make a plan.

Work your ass off.

There is little use in getting excited or going to motivational seminars if you’re not prepared to commit to the years of work that it will take to see things through.

There is little use blaming your past mistakes, or getting upset about how little time you have left, because that too doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you’re alive.

What matters is that you have something to give.

What matters is that you have time.

All you need is the effort.

It’s not complicated.

Becoming rich and famous is complicated.

But happiness and success are quite simple.

Do what you can.

When you can.

Correct your course.

And don’t ever. 


Don’t ever put it in your mouth.