It never has to end if you really don’t want it to.

It doesn’t have to end, because it really doesn’t matter how tired you are.  It doesn’t matter how many times you have failed or how many people know your tired stories of your own incompetence.  It doesn’t really matter at all, what terrible things you tell yourself, when you look in the mirror.

It doesn’t matter because the sun will still rise tomorrow.

A new day.  New opportunities.  A chance for redemption, will always reappear.

The misery, disappointment, frustration, and ugliness of yesterday always comes to an end with the rising of the sun.  It never spills over into the next morning, unless of course, you packed it all up, and are planning to carry your excessively heavy baggage, intent on tell everyone how heavy your burden is.

I wouldn’t if I were you.  Let the dead bury the dead.

Nothing ever has to end, unless you really want it to.

The tasks you set for yourself long ago, that were never completed, are still waiting for your triumphant return.  Your hopes and dreams are still awaiting your marching orders.

The friend you haven’t spoken to in years will gladly read your email or excitedly hear your voice on the other end of the line.

It’s never over.

You are not defeated.

Bruised and battered.  Tired and disappointed, perhaps.  A little overweight.  Anxious.  Fearful.  Neglectful.  Irrational.  Easily distracted by shiny bright objects, and easily influenced by magical fairy dust. 

You may be a bit too emotional, or a teensy bit overwhelming at times, with your flailing arms and big ideas.  You are perhaps a little out of touch with truth and reality, or perhaps a little naïve. 

It doesn’t matter.

You are never defeated.

Happiness and success is a decision.

A decision you don’t make once, but a choice you make moment to moment.  So, leap forward, strengthen your flight by hard work.  Professional work.  Work that gets done every day.  No matter what.  Despite the rain, your aches and pains, your mood, or your feelings of mental constipation.

It is never over, unless you truly want it to be.

Every decision you regret making can be revisited.  Every mistake you commit can be corrected, although some may require a little time, and a few might, never be forgiven. 

It doesn’t matter. 

The past has been written but the future offers nothing but possibilities.

You are not responsible for the feelings and thoughts of others.  You don’t have to drink their poison.  You don’t have to drink your own poison either, in some bizarre hope that someone else will feel your pain.

It’s never over.

So, quit smoking yet again.  Today.  Right now. 

Quit drinking.  End your office affair that began a few months back.  Put that sprinkle donut down, or at least only eat half of it.

Quit the things that rob you of your health and steal your time.  Use your energy to get back to the things you promised yourself you would one day get around to doing.

You’ve been going around long enough.

It’s time to stop.

Don’t give up.

It’s never over.

So, begin again.