I now realize why so many people start things and never finish. 

There is an online offer to have some promotional materials printed, as well as some business cards and it end today at midnight. I might be a little mentally exhausted trying to pull together a business card and a promo card that I can be proud of. 

This is just one detail. So simple to conceive in the mind yet to the unskilled hand or do it yourselfer it presents a sizeable challenge. It’s a challenge because I cannot source everything out. I can it just pay for everything I need without some prudent decisions.

But this is not a post about prudent decision making or about graphic design. What has struck me this morning how deep our dreams go and how fantastically detail oriented they are. 

It’s so easy to say I want to be a writer, a musician, or that you want to own the best little coffee place in town where everyone will gather and praise your presence. It’s easy to say, but its hard work to keep putting sentences down, to keep rehearsing and trying new things and it takes a lot of detail to open up a little coffee shop that won’t close its doors before the year is out.

It’s easy to start. It’s not so easy to keep going and get to the other side.

And because so many people all around us quit one thing after another, it is sometimes tempting or feels normal to do the same, because after all, we should just be happy with what we’ve got. We should not be greedy and dream bigger. We need to know our place and our lot and be grateful that things aren’t worse.

That’s no longer me. It is never going to be me again.

I will keep dreaming. I will keep working. I will get to the end.

Most of all, I know, really know that it takes time.


Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@romanbozhko