You know those little insignificant things that you tell yourself don’t matter? They matter.

Those little moments you and I have each and every day. We tend to dismiss them as unimportant but they actually count a lot. The count far more than we ever give them credit. Become no less important than the big moments we look forward to and are addicted too.

Little things matter. Like kindness.

Kindness to ourselves. Kindness to the people we keep close to our heart, and kindness to total strangers. People we will never meet again in our lifetime. People that we speak to occasionally. People that enter and leave our life through random moments.

We have to be kind to strangers and I think we often are but don’t take stock in it. We do kind things unconsciously and than don’t remember all the nice things we did and said. We open doors for people. We do. We let them cut in front of us when in a rush, sometimes. We buy them a cup of coffee without expecting anything back. We say good morning. We wish them well. We are kind to each other a lot more than we choose to see and acknowledge.

That has to change.

It matters.

It matters that we know all the little things we do. The little thing have a power to change and influence someones day. You have the ability with a simple phrase or gesture to leave total strangers better than you found them.

Tell them they look beautiful. Tell them they are dressed sharp. That you like their shoes. That they wear a dignified smile. Tell them that you are glad they are here. Tell them that them matter and will be missed when they are gone.

Tell them little things because they matter.

Never forget what tremendous value you have and that the desire to do something is not as valuable as the desire to be something. You don’t have to build a long lasting legacy, or a glorious past, or be part of a momentous occasion that will go down in human history. You just have to be. To learn to live and be. To live in the moment. To do all kinds of little things you no-one will remember.

They won’t remember but the world will change. It will be a more beautiful place, a kinder place, a more meaningful place to leave behind.

Just be yourself.

The things you do matter.

Don’t forget that when you’re down.


Cover photo generously provided by photographer Jared Sluyter via