The truth is, it just doesn’t matter.

What you ask?

That thing.  That burden you constantly wake up with.  The thing you can’t forget.  Those regrets you just won’t let go of.

Those things.

They just don’t matter.

As human beings, we have fallen into the illusion, that we are somehow above the animal kingdom, forgetting that we are very much an integral part of it.

We are part of the universe.  The earth doesn’t rotate around the sun, we rotate with it.

One day the world will surely pass away, and that’s ok.

 One day, maybe even today, our thoughts and actions will lead us to failure, perhaps what seems to be an absolute failure, but that’s ok too.

Birds don’t build bungalows, condos, or mansions on the beach.  They don’t concern themselves with granite countertops, mortgage payments, investment properties, divorce lawyers, and who to bequeath their nest to when they are gone.

They build where they are, with what they have. 

They build because they need a nest.

We are no different.

We have one life to live and an infinite number of possibilities.  We can either run and hide.  Bitch and moan.  Gossip and throw stones.  Or we can prepare for the winter, enjoy the summer, and take life as it comes.

This doesn’t mean that we stop dreaming.  Dreaming is an important part of who we are.  We dream when we are asleep, and we must dream when we are awake.

Quite the contrary.

Dreams come true when we let go of our self-importance and doubt.  They come true when we accept our wounded humanity and remind ourselves that living, at any time, and for any period of time, is always worth living.

You and I have something in common.  We both beat astronomical odds of becoming who we are.  One biological urge a day too early, or perhaps a day too late.  The vigor of the sperm to the left of us, or the sperm to the right, and none of this, none of anything that we take for granted, ever comes into existence.

The nature of our dreams is the same. 

They seem impossible.  The probability of getting what you want out of life is a daunting task.


We have beat those odds before.

Here we are.

We need to remember this, and take comfort in being a human being.

We are part of a whole.  We are not cast apart. 

We are not a failure. 

Without conflict, there is no growth.  Without growth, there is no life.

You will either spend your life sweating and aching to help others.  You will dig patiently for the meaning of your life, or you’ll sweat and groan, grinding out a meager and pitiful existence.

Digging is better.

Leave the grinding to someone else.