It’s that time of year again. The school year is upon us and summer vacation behind us. It’s time to back to routine and the little things. 

I am extremely lucky and grateful to have a career that affords me a great life and that I get to do something truly meaningful. Teens are not the easiest creatures to understand but we get along just fine. I’m not really sure why. Perhaps its the promise I made to myself when I first applied to teachers college that I would keep going unless the kids made it abundantly clear that this was no place for me.

I guess it is my place and now I’m trying to get out.

Luckily I’m not trying to get out because I’m tired, although the one hour drive back and forth might be getting to me just a tiny bit. I’m lucky that I still love what I do but that is not reason enough to keep doing it. 

Dreams are a funny thing. What’s funny is that there is never one. We have many dreams and I would guess that the number could be infinite. We have infinite dreams and as people we are unbelievable creators. That is what we are good at doing and what gives us the most meaning. Sadly, however the pursuit of our dreams is replaced with drive for comfort or worse we are so broken down that we think we exist for the whole and that as individuals our lives don’t truly matter.

We live for our kids, for this political party, or to do this or that thing, but we forget and will later regret not exploring who we truly are. We are all different but the same and so today it begins. Again.

I’m sitting in a coffee shop once more. The sun is absent and no longer jars me awake. I am in a familiar place but I am not the person who left this two months ago. So much has happened in that time. So many things changed and things are moving in the directions that I want them to be moving.

I sometimes wonder and question those days in November that changed it all. I don’t know where I would be if I didn’t let go and attend that business seminar. I am doing a bit of letting go again when it comes to developing my photography business. It is easy to ask for advice and hire a coach, but it is hard to follow and execute faithfully everything that she tells you.

I think it’s working like a charm. There are no fruits to speak of but I believe, if for some strange reason, you are actually reading all of this, that you’ll find in the future the seeds that I am planting today.

I hope you find a day to begin to, or re-begin and yes I know that is probably not a word.

I hope you begin today. Begin again. Begin for the first time. Let yourself be the wonderful person you were meant to be. If we all did that, instead of caring on like the world is going to hell, maybe we would experience a bit of Heaven. Heaven on earth.


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