Yesterday is today's tomorrow. 

Ponder that for a moment.  Read it slowly.

By now your New Years Resolutions are dead.  They were dressed in such fine silky robes and oh so majestically prophesied by the mystics of old, yet here they lay, martyred, resembling the final scene of a Shakespearean tragedy.  The end of resolutions just might be the first sign of the dark days of winter.

We mean well.  We plan well.  We do not execute so well.  It's not our aim, it's our mindset.

Many of us look for the coming of spring, the sunny days of tomorrow, or continuously gaze at the bright star that will lead us to Bethlehem.  We just love our Sugarcandy Mountain.  Molly sure did.

Change starts today.  Tomorrow is too late.  You have other plans.

Change starts right now.

What have you stopped doing?  Why have you stopped dreaming?

Don't make a list.  Don't think for too long, or this moment will dissolve into nothingness. 

Grab the one thing that comes into your mind right now and begin a new.

Today is yesterday's tomorrow.

Begin again.  Begin a thousand times.

The truth is, there will never be a tomorrow, so awake, and be alive today.