It’s amazing what happens when you shift your mind in a different direction. I am now looking for stories and story ideas because pretty darn tooting soon I am going to be smack in the middle of writing them. I’m super excited. Excited that this three year journey of writing something each and every day is becoming more refined and now I am going to write with more purpose.

I am not sure what it is about fiction but we all love it so much. Maybe because it is not real, but more real than our lives sometimes. We can criticize or aspire to be like the characters we read about without any consequence, because after all they are not real. But they are real. They are us. The do and don’t do things that all of us wish we could do.

Aristotle was right. Art is a very important part of being human. It is the most important part, yet we treat it as a commodity. As background music playing so we can pass the time shopping. A movie we watch because we are trying to escape the reality of our lives. But art is so much more than that. Stories are much more than that. They allow us to experience and imagine people and experience we don’t have to live ourselves. Why is this good? It is good because we can understand people of other faiths and choices and not judge them so harshly. Literature and other forms of art give the human race the chance to be truly human. It gives us a chance to dream and be who we were always meant to be.

I’m gonna hunt for more stories now. The word count on this reflection is decent enough for me to stop. 

Amazing things happen when you shift your mind in a new direction. It’s important to say yes to things we’ve never done. It’s important to dream new dreams. It’s important to have good friends that bring out the best in you.


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