Beware of human leeches!

Because they are dangerous and hungry. No matter of the time of year.

They grow restless often. They are tireless, so give this warning some thought, and let it become, your official happiness safety alert.


The people in your life, want to steal your time. Steal your enthusiasm. Sap your generosity. Abscond with your joy, and flee with your smile.

Stay alert.

Guard yourself against their misguided blood sucking traps.

Avoid them at all costs, if you can, but if you can’t, limit the time you let them cling to your skin.

I don’t believe that they consciously mean us harm. I think we vet our friends and colleagues well. We’re not blind or stupid. We’re not ignorant, or extend our friendship too. We don’t share ourselves with just anyone, so I think, for the most part, we’re very good at who we spend our time with. That doesn’t seem to be the issue.

The problem is, that most people have a habit of looking for and creating problems in their life. If they don’t see any, they invent them. They design new problems. Create immediate concerns. Entangle themselves in seemingly unsolvable dilemmas.

And they want you by their side. Their Doctor Watson, as they resume their role as Sherlock Holmes.

They want your blood.

They want it, and they will seduce you to help them.

It only takes a handful of innocent little questions or prompts, and you will suddenly find yourself involved, in helping them solve their self-made and often only imagined crisis.

They are not malicious, but swimming with them, and their problems, definitely is.

If you stay in that stale water for too long, or choose to swim in that river too often, you will grow weak, tired, and become colourless. You will take on problems, and make them your own. Problems that pose you no concern. Issues you will soon lose sleep over, but have no conceivable ability to ever hope to solve.

It’s a serious problem.

You have to protect yourself against these human leeches. They have a tendency hang on tight. They have a bad habit of seeking you out.

You need to treat them as you would a dead-end road. The sooner you turn back, the more time you can hope to redeem.

You can’t ignore them. That’s an unrealistic solution.

They are in your life for a reason. They are not bad people. They simply find a way to suck the energy and life out of your very existence.

You need to get them off your skin, for your sake, and their own.

Perhaps you need to find somewhere else to be. Eat lunch alone. Arrive late. Leave early. Bring work home.

Try to keep your answers short. Your temper long. Respect yourself and your time. Stay away from them, without being transparent.

Don’t engage their drams, it all too often only leads to gossip and misunderstanding.

Don’t be afraid to speak your mind, either.

Sometimes you need to tell them exactly how you feel. Don’t be afraid to offend them. Don’t be afraid of letting them know that their concerns, are not your own.

Burning off the human leeches won’t be easy, but if you don’t, your state of mind will be worse. You’ll drown, in their pool of water.

Your life gives you plenty of concern. You have plenty of problems that challenge you to grow.

You don’t need any more.

Especially those shameful, dangling little blood suckers, that have no business being there in the first place.

Beware the dead-end street.

Check your body for leeches.