With a little bit of faith you can move mountains, but to develop or harness this type of faith is extremely rare. Faith by nature is mysterious and unquantifiable. It sees things for which there is little evidence, or not enough.

Faith is rare and often confused with wishful thinking but there is a definite and distinguishable difference between the two. When you wish, you simply sit back and wait for the world to revolve around you. When you have faith, you act, and know that you have to revolve around the world. You know deep down that it is all up to you. All of it. You don’t control everything and can’t possibly know all the details, but it all begins and ends with you.

Faith calls for good works or else it is dead. It is nothing more than a meaningless word like love, peace, and try.

Faith demands action. Not any action, but purposeful, planned action. Faith is real because what it seeks is possible. There has to be a mountain. You have to see the mountain and you go on to make the impossible happen.

Moving mountains is a strong and beautiful metaphor because if we are honest about it, it really is impossible. I don’t believe for a moment that any human being can move a mountain, but having said that, some of the problems, or better, some of our dreams seem to be like mountains. They might as well be mountains. We want our dreams to come true so much but we simply don’t believe there is any chance of that happening.

You have to believe. You have to go back to being a child and believing in Christmas, and tooth fairies, and the Easter Bunny’s. Why does adulthood have to be so dull and so determined. Why can’t we actively procure miracles in our lives? Why can’t our dreams come true. They can. They will. If you let them and have a faith that gives you the discipline to move mountains.

When you are on this side of what you want, the other side seems impossible. It looks improbable and unattainable, but once you get there, and you see all the steps and all the things that you’ve done to get there, you’re no longer amazed and whisper ‘of course’ to yourself. 

The key is to say of course right from the very beginning. The key is to dream of the possibilities today. It’s not like there won’t be setbacks and difficulties. After all its a fucking mountain! There will be setbacks and difficulties. But the existence of the mountain doesn’t dictate our ability to move that mountain. It doesn’t determine who we want to be and what we want to accomplish.

If you have faith, you know what you want. Your really know it. You know all the details of it. You know every rock and crevice of that mountain. You make a plan and work towards executing that plan. You go to work each and every day not worried whether you’re going to move it, but with the faith that each and every day makes a difference in the end.

That’s how you move mountains. Begin inside your soul. Begin inside your heart and inside your mind. Begin there, and let that faith come to live in what you say and what you do each and every day.

Cover photo generously provided by photographer Luca Bravo.