When we feel empty, how is it that we are unable to fill our own cup?  And why does this prove to be so difficult when it seems effortless, filling the cup for others?

I do not pretend to know the answer, but I feel compelled to offer two thoughts that might help.

The solution is not simple, nor is it every easy.  Deep down we are very unique and require a tailored solution. 

We are all so very different.  We find ourselves in different phases of our lives, and face so many different struggles.  We have different responsibilities, different desires, and a myriad of regrets.  We are very unique individuals, especially in the way we are willing to push, to fight, and to sacrifice.

I don't propose to be an learned expert.  I just try to think out loud and here are two thoughts that may perhaps begin a slow drip that might one day fill your cup.

1.  Gratitude.

Before we can rise above our emptiness, we have examine our life.  We have to build an Ark that will save us from the raging waters.  We have to take stock of our life.  All of it.  We must pay special attention to the present, and take note and respect our murky past.

We cannot do this through our thoughts alone, so it is imperative that we express ourselves through writing.  We have to give birth to our ideas.  They have to live.  We have to physically give them life. 

Written words don't lie.  They become an undeniable sign post of truth.  Our words stare back at us, ready to defend themselves, or to offer assistance if necessary. 

Taking stock of what we are grateful for is the key.  

When you start and if nothing bubbles to surface, just keep trying and don't fall for the seduction of judgment.  You will have plenty of time for analysis much later.  Write down anything and everything you are grateful for.  All of it.  Even if it is so minuscule that it appears insignificant and trivial.  Write it down anyway.  You have nothing to lose.  You're empty.  Somewhere in uncertainty of those written words, lies the answer, and the root will spring forth eventually and make all the difference. 

Teach your mind to remember.  Change your mindset.  Do this every evening just before you go to bed, because it is a magical time.  Most people miss the opportunity to steep their unconscious mind with uplifting ideas.  Thoughts that our unconscious self will ponder into the early hours of the morning.

2.  A Tiny Drop In The Ocean.

The most powerful wave that is destined to crash with unrelenting force and purpose on the sandy beach, was once a single drop of rain, a little tear that seemingly and insignificantly, fell upon the ocean.  No one recognized it.  It grew unseen.  No one made eye contact with its being.  It moved without applause.  Yet, it crashed the sand unexpectedly.

Your cup can only get filled with time.  Hour to hour.  Day to day.  Month to Month.  

Our cup will get full when we look away and work.  Work everyday.  Work without stopping.

We must summon the courage to continue living, broken though we may be.  Only a life lived with purpose can provide us with an opportunity grow, a chance to learn.  Standing still will make us tired.  As we get tired we will sit down.  Once we sit down, we will eventually fall asleep.  Once asleep, we will soon forget that we had a cup to fill.

I know it's not much, but its something. 

I sincerely hope these few words put a little drop inside your cup today.  I hope in time, you find more, and that those tiny little drop crash and your life becomes a seismic wave.