As I drove into work this morning I had a chance to gaze at beautiful moon. It was as large and hovered just above the highway horizon. It’s colour was a beautiful warm orange, not the common white I have seen in so many photographs. The moon was truly a sight to behold and I was moved by the fact that it remains constant.

So few things in our life remain the same, but the highway moon looks exactly the same as it looked to the Romans, to the Greeks, and even the dinosaurs. There is something comforting in the moon. It’s as though our creator left us this big dangling rock to remind us once in a while that there is a reason for everything, that everything makes sense if we take the time to forget ourselves and muse on the subject matter.

I am not sure what the meaning of this experience is, especially since you were probably asleep and never got to share what I am talking about, but it is worth noting that there are many wonderful things in our lives that are always present, consistently present, that we don’t always have an opportunity to embrace.

If I didn’t have to work so far away. If I didn’t decide two years ago to wake up an hour and a half earlier than I really should. If the shape and direction of the highway was different, perhaps I would have never experienced the highway moon.

I am going to look for the metaphorical moon in the rest of my life. Look for constant, beautiful things that make life so meaningful. 


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