I’m not sure why but I am experiencing strange recurring dreams. One more so than the other. I usually don’t dream at all so I find this fascinating. I also figure that writing it down can’t help. Maybe a brighter mind can sift through the things that goes on inside of me when I am sleeping.

The first dream tinges on disgusting perhaps. I go to the bathroom for a pee and am interrupted. I stop, hold it, and put myself back together. I look for another bathroom and sure enough I am interrupted again. In frustration, I find an industrial kitchen. I am not sure why I am in that industrial kitchen. I find a deep steel sing and I pee in it, while someone is frantically knocking on the door to come in.

Why the hell am I dreaming about peeing, I’m not sure but at least its not the dream of me killing and disposing of the dead body. 

The killing part is easy. I don’t know the person and I am not sure what they have done. Last night they were wrapped in plastic and duck taped together. I squished them by hugging them and then spent the rest of the dream trying to dispose of the body. I would find a place, think that I was done, only to have someone arrive. I would fumble and make excuses and drag the dead body to a different place and try to dispose of it there.

Quite night. Pee and dead bodies. 

I might have to stop watching gladiator movies before I get to sleep, or stop drinking so much water before I go to bed.