There is a heavy fog that hangs over you when you are unable to make a decision. It hangs and lingers, suffocating your day and the only way to lift it is to decide one way or another where you wish to go. It’s not easy. Decisions are often complex and there are consequences we can’t quite make out in the far distance. But the heavy fog will continue to hang unless we choose otherwise.

And that’s just it. We will be forced to make a decision anyway. Time and circumstances in our life will push us to zig right or zig left. We will have to climb up, or jump down. We will have to do something, and the longer we hesitate we rob ourselves of ourselves. We rob ourselves of a clear mind, and a being present.

That fog of indecision seeps into everything we do. It hangs over us. Raises his hand over and over again, asking the same damn question and hinting at no new answers. That heavy fog of indecision will numb and cripple you if you don’t lean that the wrong decision is better than no decision at all, and that’s just it isn’t it? We are afraid to do the wrong thing? Or to disappoint someone?

And so we wait and wait hoping we don’t have to something or that a problem goes away. We really don’t have time to be social, or are too exhausted to be. We don’t have time to lend out hand to another project. We don’t really have time for another or a new set of directives. We are not busy. We are actually managing our lives and humming at a comfortable, productive speed, but we just can’t say no. And so we say maybe and we invite the cloud to seep into every fibre of our being.

We hate ourselves for it. We don’t like the fog. We have been living and breathing in it our whole lives. We do wish that we could see the world as black and white and decide to do something or not to do something, but that is not our fate, or so we tell ourselves. But why not be decisive? Why not be brave enough to decide to do the wrong thing? You will never have all the facts or all the information. Sometimes, no matter what you decide you’re going to disappoint someone. But you know what is worse? The wait.

Telling your friend you are coming for a week to a function and than cancelling at the last minute is a very shitty thing to do, especially since they might have organized their lives differently just for you. And it’s not pleasant for you either, so we need to be different.

Forget the fog. Embrace clarity and the decisiveness of yes and no. Embrace the possibility of being wrong, and most importantly, don’t beat yourself up when you find yourself on the wrong side of the fence. It won’t be easy to be a person of great purpose but you have nothing to lose if you try. People get over all kinds of things and the things that seemed like they needed to get done, sometimes don’t need to get done, or get done at another time and nobody really notices, or they graciously forget.

Seek clarity in your life. Be a person of decision.

Decide where you are going, and don’t turn back.


Cover photo generously provided by photographer Danis Lou via