Far too many people take their mind for granted. More specifically, they ignore what a positive and hopeful mind is capable of. I hear it all the time. Complaining about the weather, not having enough time, focusing on this problem or that one. And I guess there must be a certain sense of security and relief that comes with complaining because we all do it, but becoming a positive person is so much more fruitful in the long run.

Now, listen, being positive is not magic. It is never going to turn a terrible situation in to a pleasant one, but it’s not supposed to. Being positive is about ‘being’ and not about doing. Most of the time you cannot change the circumstances in your life, but as Austrian psychiatrist Viktor E. Frankl so beautifully said “our last human freedom is our attitude towards the things we cannot change”.

Our attitude makes a huge difference. Even when we can’t change where we are and what we are facing, we are always capable of how we look at the situation. Positivity won’t make an immediate impact but it will save you from yourself. It will save you from anger and later regret. Positive thinking will help you find balance and you know what? Instead of being surprised after expecting the worst, it feels much better then when you are hoping for a positive outcome and in time it comes true.

The world needs to be more positive. We need to be more happy. Not fake smile and how are you kind of happy, but the real genuine article. It starts with our mind. It starts by surrounding ourselves with positive people and limiting the time we spend with negative people. It begins with reading and listening to good information and limiting the the human waste pipeline that is the daily news.

This morning I briefly listened to a report that in thirty years a third of our world will be uninhabitable and we are spinning ourselves to certain death. I’m not questioning the report but I’m questioning what I can do about it. I have to ignore the report, not the problem. Why? Because the people that are going to meet me today deserve as much.


Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@cajugos