Happy Halloween.

So what are we going to dress up as for the rest of the year? Are we going to continue being our ordinary selves or are we going to put on new clothes, a new attitude that fits better with the vision of who we want to be. Let me repeat that. Going forward, we need to think and dress and describe our life as we want it be, not as it is.

What is simply is. It doesn’t need to be described or looked at because, well, it just is. But the future. Ah, the most wonderful and brilliant future that awaits us does need to be dressed up, even if its a little.

We need a mind shift because it all begins and circles back to the mind. It is the only thing we have to work with. It is the beginning and the end of everything. If your mind believes you can’t do something than your body will follow, or not follow if you know what I mean. If on the other hand you dress up the possibility of the future. If go trick or treating on the street of your dreams, you’re bound to find success. It’s inevitable. Nobody has ever been successful one hundred percent of the time, and no one likewise has ever failed a hundred percent of the time either. So what is the moral of the story here? Repetition.

A good attitude and repetition.

Getting after our dreams is a daily act. It involves swatting away any negative thoughts and keeping a distance from negative people. It involves dreaming about a future that is uncertain but a future that is worth building.

Happy Halloween.

May the costume of your mind something that brings you lots of treats!


Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@heftiba