There is a spirit to everything. A natural order of things.

It seems that everyone and everything has a magnificent and incorruptible soul. And maybe, just maybe, you and I would be better served, instead of barking out our personal orders, to stop and listen. To act accordingly, and just let go.

It would make a great deal of sense if we learned to go along with what the infinite universe has planned for us. It would make a great deal of difference if we stopped fighting the current and learned to go with the flow.

Life is funny.

We spend most of it fighting everyone and everything. We get the not so bright idea that all the resources available to us are somehow scarce. That there is not enough for everyone. That we need to get to the front of the line and compete with everyone. That this is the only way to maintain our place in the world. The only shot we have at happiness.

We rarely dare to test those assumptions.

We get our news from corporations. Our education from curriculum factories. We learn our life lessons from some really dumb ass kids in the school yard and take financial advice from our derelict friends.

We are funny people.

We know so little and yet we hold on to the little we know with everything we’ve got. We fight to have our way. We puff our chest and pound it proudly. Arrogantly.

We gossip. We conquer. We separate and divide.

We fan our great egos like a prized peacock.

Life is funny but the joke is on us.

And we need to learn to get with the flow of things.

It’s not only easier, but far more profitable in the end.

Why cry when someone ignores or rejects us. We fight and try to manipulate our way into a circle of friends who deep in their hearts doesn’t really care for our existence.

Why do you struggle so much to pay off your mortgage? Why do you lose yourself in an unhealthy quest to look after your children? Because I have to look after my offspring you say.


And you are certainly mean’t to love them, but what makes you think they will not be smart enough or able enough to fight and fend for themselves when the time comes? Are you too scared to push them out of the nest. Too scared that they may fall? That they may not know how to fly? Be too afraid like you and  sadly break their necks?

You need to let go.

You cannot control the circumstances of your life.

For a bit sure, but not forever.

You cannot control the future and you cannot change the past.

You can only act.

You have the unbelievable power to imprint your will on the present moment.

So go with the flow.

Let the spirit of things tell you where you should go and what you should do.

Don’t listen to self deprecating thoughts. And good God, don’t you listen to your dumb ass friends.

Test your assumptions. Try new things. Get scared.

Leave when you’re not wanted. Stay when you’re valued.

Build something, if it brings you joy. Destroy it, if it begins to imprison you.

There is a spirit to everything. There is a natural flow of things.

You’ve spent enough time fighting the current.

You are not a salmon.

You’re a man or a woman, not a fish.

Save your fight for battles and wars that need waging.

But don’t fight life itself. Don’t fight the spirit of things.

Don’t fight yourself or your happiness.

Rediscover your soul.

Learn to go with the flow.


Cover photo generously provided by photographer Jacek Smoter via