Get out of your own way and get a move on.

Do it today. 

Yes, before you find yourself in this exact spot next year, or the year after that, like you did last year, wondering the same thing over and over again. Feeling rotten about it.

Do it before you end up doing the same thing.


Stop yelping, moaning, and bemoaning all the things you haven’t done yet for whatever the reason. Stop imagining how terrible it will feel if you fail. Stop caring what people will say. Stop focusing on your mistakes. Stop satisfying other people’s insecurities, as well as your own.

Get a move on and live a little.

Give a little.

Hope a little.

Get a move on.

You’ve always wanted to travel the world but its never the right time for you. You never have enough money and you feel so utterly selfish even thinking about going somewhere. After all you could do so much more with the money you don’t even have yet or haven’t thought of saving.

What a crazy puddle of muck you’ve thrust yourself into.

What an impossible series of mental gymnastic exercises you’re up against.

You’ve always wanted to be a writer, ever since you were a child, and in fact you’ve written countless number of poems and volumes upon volumes of stories. Created magical places and unforgettable characters, but you don’t want to let them go. You want to keep them prisoner in your own mind. You are resigned on keeping them hidden in some digital computer file, safely tucked away, where no one will ever see and no one will ever find out who you really are.

Is it really that hard to be who you want to be?

A traveler, a writer, a singer, a dancer, a romancer?

Isn’t it time to get out of your own way?

Isn’t it time to live a little? 

Why not find someone to have a professional look at your work and let them help you bring those characters and stories to life? Isn’t it time to give birth to those stories, so that we can all enjoy them? Shouldn’t the reader have the choice to decide if they like them, or do you think you should be the one that makes that choice for them?

Don’t you want to write more? Don’t you want to know what people think? Don’t you wonder how great it would feel to connect with your readers? To inspire others? To make others see and feel what you see and feel?

Do you even know what a plane ticket to Paris costs? Do you know how much it costs to stay in a rented room in the centre of the city, or a modest hotel on the outskirts? Do you know how much a rail pass costs, which would allow you to see the rest of Europe? Do you even know how much money you would need to eat?

You say you want to travel. You tell everyone how much you would love to see the world, yet you always stand in your own way. Always propped up against the door, casting a deep shadow, never doing the simplest of things to get your dreams in motion.

Get a move on, will you?.

Live a little?

Today is a day full of opportunity and hope.

Today is the day you gently nudge yourself out of the doorway.

Push yourself back.

Lean forward.

And get a move on.