You can flow or you can resist. Flowing is better. Infinitely better.

I once imagined my life as a series of steps to be taken and things to be done. It was a struggle to compete and fight to be successful. Every actions proved profitable or led to failure. Every decisions and movement yielded well being or feelings of failure. Success was defined by someone else. No one else. I thought success was defined by someone but all I was doing was watching Platonic shadows on the wall. I was trying to measure up to something that didn’t need to be measure up. Ignoring the good and important things in my life and feeling miserable about it.

Today I see life as a harmonious reality of infinite possibilities.

I have a very critical, mathematical, practical, and scientific mind, and so as I type this, I know how exactly how I sound, but there is no other way to explain what I see.

The world I once believed in taxed me to my limit. It judged, jeered, and demanded productivity.

It was a life of resistance, but learning to flow with the universe is much better.

We are not outsiders. We are life itself. I think this is what the field of nuclear physics and micro biology has discovered. We are connected to a deep reality that doesn’t fear death but instead rejoices in the our infinite participation and contribution.

There is a God.

I don’t think we are dealing with an abstract force or some unidentified mystical spirit. I believe we are in the presence of a loving entity, one that has infinite intelligence. A being that has painted our world with such vivid detail, and one which has also painted the universe, which we as of yet still don’t understand.

But back to the flow.

You have two choices. You can fight or you can go with the flow.

As I already mentioned, going with the flow is better.

Fighting is fruitless. Letting go and leaping into a life of possibilities is much sweeter.

Going with the flow contains no mistakes. You still can go the wrong way or build on sand instead of solid ground, but those mistakes are not catastrophic. They are not permanent. Our actions is a conversation. An infinite conversation without end, that can be corrected and mended at any time.

You don’t have to spend any time feeling guilty or regretting what you have done. This doesn’t mean that if you have seriously soiled yourself, you don’t need to make things right and repent. Far from it. You have to mend your ways. You have to quit that which is killing you, but once you do, you don’t have to spend the rest of your days wallowing in your misery, paying back what doesn’t need to be payed back.

This is probably a bit too philosophical to ponder, but I make no apologies for the thoughts that shake me awake and urge me to write.

You need to get in the flow.

Get into the flow of life. Learn to bend so you don’t break. Open yourself to unlimited possibilities. Fill your heart with gratitude and see the blessings that permeate your life.

Imagine doing things you were always scared of doing.

This is not a pipe dream.

This is not a cloud of smoke emanating from your big rolled up fatty.

This is your life so don’t resist it. Choose to change how you see the universe.

Above everything else.

Get yourself in the flow.


Cover photo generously provided by photographer Jeremy Bishop via