It looks like my love of photography is going to take the front seat in my life over the next two months. That doesn’t mean that I will stop writing. That can never happen. It just means that I am going to focus my time and energy in growing my photography dreams and let my life as a writer and speaker take a backseat.

I am still going to continue with the journals. Without a doubt, I am going to continue writing my Quintessential Quotables on the weekends, but no matter what it is that you dream of being or doing, I think you need a single purpose and a concentrated effort. I picked this up reading the book The One Thing. A life changing book in which the author suggests we need to focus on one thing in our life. We have to work hard to make it come true by either making our efforts easier, or eliminating certain things entirely. Let’s take gardening for example. If you have too many flowers or vegetables and you spend your whole summer running around watering and weeding, perhaps it would be wise to plant less, close some of the beds down, so that you can focus your efforts on growing what you have to a richer, fuller bloom

I’m not sure why I am talking about gardening. Maybe because every year I seem to mean well but ultimately abandon mine, but that is another story for another day. But this growing principle is a beautiful one to behold.

I have also received a signed copy of Thomas Harris’s new book. He is the author who wrote all those Hannibal Lector books and the critics are not all too kind to him. But I don’t care. You don’t very often get a chance to have a signed copy of one of your favourite authors books and I happen to have snagged two of them. I am going to keep an open mind and can’t wait to read it.

Life is funny. You think you’re going one direction and all of a sudden, you are shaken awake and you are going into another. Even these journals are taking shape. I am writing more about my life than about what to do with yours and that might be a good balance.


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