Sunday brought a lot of snow in these parts. Luckily it was the weekend and people could just stay home, not that this helped anyone that was on the roads that day. Snow kept falling and falling. Makes one very grateful that they don’t have a sidewalk to shovel. It makes one extremely grateful, let me tell you that, not to mention small children who are getting big enough to do some of that shovelling in exchange for money.

I didn’t have children as a small investment, but the dividends of parenting are not bad indeed.

Monday was a snow day. Busses were cancelled and the roads were not much better. I stayed home. Other than a dentist visit with my daughter in the morning, I had the entire day to do with what I desired. I had a wonderful day but in terms of productivity it was a little underwhelming and I take full responsibility for that.

Perhaps I was meant to just relax as the Christmas season can get a little hectic but I am thinking back to yesterday and feel validated that keeping a weekly success list/to do list can make a big difference in everyones life. That list is crucial. You write down what needs to get done and you get after it. The next week you do it again and again. You want to do things the smart way. Try to do things so that you never have to do them again, or if that is not possible find better and more efficient ways of getting things done.

I write my list every week. I am very conscious not to dump things on that list that cannot be done or are just wishes. It doesn’t feel good at the end of the week to look at your writing and not see much accomplished. There has to be a healthy combination of things that were done, and a few things that might spill over into the next week, or go by the waste side because they are no longer important.

I swear by my success list. I feel a little behind not having written one yesterday but as soon as I am done this journal entry, that is the next thing that I am going after.

You can’t find time when you are looking for it. Time is found in deliberate plans. Specific tasks that need to be done and life is lived somewhere in between those tasks because in order to be happy we need unexpected and blessed interruptions.