I wake up every morning and come to the same stream looking for more words. I tell myself that the day will come when the stream will be dry and empty but I am greatly mistaken. Each and every morning, without having any idea what to write about, I search myself, I think about what is going on in my life, ad the words just come out.

The come out not because I want them to be the best words I have ever written. They don’t come out because I have become someone special. They come out because I promised myself that they would come out and I don’t begin my morning, my I’ve got a full time job morning, unless my heart has set down a collection of words I can publish. 

Most of the time I don’t think they are any good. I imagine that they are ordinary and that no matter what it is I am writing about, it has probably been written about better by someone else, and there is a really good chance that I myself have already covered the topic in a previous entry.

That is what I think and feel but that is not what I do. You see when you make a promise to yourself and take on a commitment to be done instead of being finished, something changes. You silence the critic inside of you. You silence the voices inside your mind that want to wait another day, that aren’t quite ready. Voices who don’t feel quite up to the challenge. 

Those voices fall mute because the habit of writing has become a deafening reality. A reality I cherish and feel grateful for. It has brought me to a time in my life that is simply unbelievable. I wake up each and every morning, sometimes tired and with too much on my mind, but eternally grateful for everything. Grateful for the day that is unfolding before me. Grateful for all the memories I was able to create the day before. Grateful for being able to be done, and grateful that with every word, with every try, I am getting good.

I can’t see the good yet. I know that it’s there, and the generous people in my life tell me that it is there, but I cannot see it myself. They say its hard to see the forrest for the trees. I think they are right. Whoever they are. They always say such nice cleaver things. They should definitely take the time to get themselves published.

Take the dream that has manifested itself in your heart and make a real commitment to it. Leave yourself no excuses when it comes to the work you have to get done in order to get there. Fall in love with done, and don’t worry about being good. The good will come. It always comes. It can’t help but come, the problem is that many people simply don’t try and don’t love themselves enough to take the long road.

Take the long road. The road that leads to the forrest. A forrest filled with little streams. Walk that road and see the forrest for the trees. Be grateful for everything and work because you have magic inside of you. It’s time to let it burst forth and become visible.


Cover photo generously provided by photographer Antoine Beauvillain