Today is Good Friday.  A day where Christians throughout the world celebrate the crucifixion of a great man.

I count myself a believer, but I am at a loss for words when it comes to how little progress we have made as a human race, even in my lifetime alone.  It is gut wrenching how much suffering still exists in the world.

I am more shocked however, at the utter ignorance of those Christians who seek their own comfort.  The Christians who selfishly lust for wealth and power, as some kind of Divine Right.  It’s as though they bought a winning lottery ticket.  They have become convinced that they have figured it out.  It was easy.  They know the precepts and are never satisfied until the world becomes just like them. 

Perhaps they have missed a little something in their study.  Today is a perfect reminder how little they seem to have absorbed.

Follow the leader.

We need to realize that we need to follow the leader.

Christ was crucified.  He suffered and died a brutal death, but what makes you think, that you are actually saved.  You have professed Jesus Christ as your own personal Lord and Saviour, yet, you believe that you deserve a different fate?

If Jesus suffered and died for you, what do you think is demanding of your life?  A Willy Wonka song and tour?

Why aren’t we fighting for the weak, the oppressed, the wronged?  Why are we always trying to save ourselves?  Or worse, those that don’t want to be saved.

How come when we hurt others, we want them to give us another chance?  We want them to turn the other cheek, but we rarely develop the instinct or habit of offering our cheek.

How come we don’t forgive?  Forgive 70 times 7?

What ever happened to the good Samaritan?  The good lesbian?  The good transgendered drag queen?  The good terrorist? 

Right.  They are on God’s naughty list.

This isn’t a fucking Santa Claus story. 

Kill the Indian.  Save the man.

God hates fags

Of course he does.  Why wouldn’t He? 

He hates Muslims as well.  Of course He does.

I guess, the Buddhists are ok, because I heard that He likes hot yoga, and how can we blame Him?  Who doesn’t find bliss at the end of downward dog?

What ever happened to teaching about the most important commandment? 


He took the whole confusing shit-show of bewilderment and contradiction, and hammered it down to just one commandment. 


Did I say one?

Not 10 or 7 or 5 or three?


Love one another as I have loved you

And how did He love?  He suffered and died. 

He never cursed.  He never hit.  He never gossiped.  He never ignored.  Or remained silent.  He wiped human tears from their eyes.  He listened.  He taught.  He lived.  He died.  He believed in you..

There is no greater love than to lay down your life for your friends? But who are our friends? 

Who were his friends? 

The Romans.  The whores and bores.  The poor.  The rich.  The religious fanatics.  The dandy’s and a drunk name Randy.  Those that wanted to be saved and those that wanted to be left alone.



How can we be so blind to what seems to be so obvious? 

I’m no Saint. 

(My spicy language and absence of good grammar, excludes me, clearly, fully and completely).

But I believe the commandment.

I believe the man. 

I believe in Him. 

I don’t want to suffer and die, anymore than you do.  I’m no sadist, but then again, I understand that it’s not my playground is it?

I realized a simple truth a long time ago.

I try to follow the leader.