The whole universe and our lives are in a perpetual fluidity but often we don’t like to go with the flow. Going with the flow means that we let go of what we know or think we know and take each moment as it comes, doing the best that we can with what we’ve got. 

Often, we don’t like to go with the flow. We have this seemingly natural urge to want to know everything before we begin. We second guess what we are capable of and the likelihood of something actually happening that we lead very rigid, whiplash lives.

We get whiplashed from going and stopping, and going and stopping. We are either all in, ready for untying, or we have our bags packed, ticket in hand, ready to leave and never to return.

If we could only realize more and more how fluid everything is. That a decision made today will effect our life tomorrow, but the wrong decision, can be corrected, the course can be adjusted, and in the end, it doesn’t really matter how you get there as long as you want to get there and finally get there.

I have never been addicted to drugs. Potato chips, pizza, and beer? Yes. Guilty as charged, but I have never been pulled inside dependancy on drugs or alcohol. And before you might jump to the wrong conclusion, I am in no way, shape or form trying to imply that I am somehow stronger, or wiser than anybody else, although I guess I do have to take some credit for being sober.

I have never been a drug addict but despite my great success, no recovering alcoholic or drug addict will ever seek me out or pine for my advice. They will seek out someone who has failed. Failed miserably. Someone who did everything wrong, when I did everything right. But they will not see them out because they are a failure. They will seek them out because despite their failure and addiction, they managed to rise once again, and that is a fluid story of hope. That is a fairytale of faith. It is a promise of a good tomorrow.

Fluidity is important and thankfully we have nothing to do with making life fluid in anyway. Where we stand to get an upper hand is to realize that our decisions are not rigid and stiff, but rather fluid and bendy. 

Bendy is good. It offers us a chance not to break and to try things over and over again. It offers us the possibility to become someone we want to be and that possibility is infinite and always before our eyes. No one can take it away from us and no one can hide it away. We can but we shouldn’t.

Life hums in total and unapologetic fluidity and our life should resemble it in kind. You should really try to go with the flow sometimes. The life giving flow, not the sewer system that runs right next to it, full of peoples fears, doubts, and cynical pessimism.

We need more fluidity in our lives. We need to get more bendy and there is no telling what fantastic adventures we’ll soon be up to.


Cover photo generously provided by photographer Jason Leung.