It doesn’t matter what you do. There is no doing without a great state of mind.

There is just wishful thinking and what could have been, should have been, would have been.

The work of today doesn’t start in the morning, it begins in your mind the night before.

You decide long before you wake up how your morning will go, or what you will actually manage to accomplish. The blueprints for your day reside in your state of mind.

Welcome to flight 402.

I wake up at 4:02 am and I learned from Zig Ziglar that I don’t spring awake with an alarm clock but an opportunity clock. The difference is not silly. Those are not just words. What name you give things is not arbitrary. It matters. It makes all the difference in the world.

There should never be any panic and nor alarm when you awake. But there should be plenty of pep and determination.

The opportunity clock provides a day and a time for execution. The execution of the plans you drew up yesternight.

If you’re like most people you woke up this morning dreading your routine, your job, your life. They seem like uncomfortable shackles that hold you prisoner for a whole week. So you get away by daydreaming of the weekend. Daydreaming of retirement. Take solace in how beautiful life will be. One day. Some day. Maybe. Perhaps. If you’re lucky.

Most people put their life on hold. They yearn to be free. They desire to get away. They mistakenly trade five days of their life for two.

That’s just bad math.

Most people choose to become a victim instead of victor. They are ok to play the failure through the week, for a chance at glory on the weekend. They play by finite rules and don’t see any infinite possibilities.

But what you put in your mind, especially the night before, you will go on to tactically execute.

If you think its going to be a shitty day, the day will oblige you and you will have a shitty day. If you think you’re going to be tired, you will be very tired.  If you anticipate your coworkers driving you crazy, I hope you appreciate that they have already strapped on their straight jackets, and are awaiting your presence in the padded room.

I know you are probably thinking that this is nice, that it makes sense, but its just not how it is. This is too philosophical. Too intellectual. It doesn’t really translate into real life, but you’re wrong, it does.

Flight 402 is either going to take you where you dreams dare to fly or you will simply crash.

There is a good reason why people stay up all night and avoid going to bed and it’s because they are dreading their morning. They hate their job. They hate their routines. They are unfulfilled. Unsatisfied. Live without gusto and meaning. So they stubbornly delay the inevitable and they fight the windmills of their mind.

I hope you find your own flight 402.

I hope you honour and respect your intellect.

Feed it with good things.

Stoke its fire with some great dreams.

Most of all, sell or burn your alarm clock.

Find an opportunity clock instead.


Cover photo generously provided by photographer Ales Krivec via