We have an unhealthy fear of fear.

We have been conditioned to be on guard and make that feeling go away as soon as it bubbles to the surface. We were instructed that it is dangerous to play with it. It is unthinkable to speak to it and it is most unimaginable to dance with it. Yet, if you want to be happy, you’ll have to conquer your fear of fear. You’ll have to go where you’ve never been before. You’ll have to accept a belt being put around your waist, and being led where your conscious mind doesn’t want to go.

You can’t conquer fear. It is not a thing. It is a state of being. Something that is necessary for us to grow and become better people.

We’re not talking about justifiable fear that saves you from some pretty nasty things, but the irrational fears, like the fear of public speaking, of being laughed at, of failing, of never being able to show your face there again.

Those are the fears you must dance with. That is the fear you need to grow comfortable in talking to. Those are the fears you must play with, if you want to be someone you’ve always dreamt of being.

Sometimes you just have to jump.

Say fuck it and act without thinking.

I can’t tell you when and how. I can’t draw you a map and tell you that its going to be ok, but you have the ability to learn from others what things will feel like. You have the resources you need all around you to figure out any worse case scenario. After that its just you and your fears. You need to own them. Don’t let them own you. Don’t let them take control over your life. They are the key to everything. They lead you to see things you’ve only ever imagined.

Sign of fear is a good thing. It’s like the smell of baking coming out of the kitchen. It’s an indication that you life is about to take a marvellous turn. If you are courageous enough to let it.

Fight your unhealthy fear of fear.

Struggle against your unhealthy fear of failure.

They go hand in hand. They are difficult to master, but not impossible.

It all starts with one act of defiance and success. One courageous leap into the unknown. One act that becomes a series of incidents. Incidents which lead to habits. Habits that help you become daring and stubborn. Habits that shape you into a fearless champion. A woman or man to be reckoned with.

Be not afraid.

Those words have been echoed throughout centuries, by every culture, every religion, and every civilization. Too bad we can’t pass this on. Every person has to reach their own summit. Each individual must make their own leap, but there is great hope.

Hope in the encouragement of others. Hope in friendship. Hope in admiration. Hope in life itself.

What are you afraid of?

Make a list. Look it over and pick the smallest and easiest of fears. Start there.

Leap. And don’t forget to dance.


Cover photo generously provided by photographer Austin Neill via unsplash.com