When we were little kids we loved and believed in fairytales. We loved to hear about beautiful princesses and charming princes, about giants, dragons, and worlds overbrimming with magic. It was a wonderful time in our lives and oh how I wish we could all return to it. Maybe we would be a little less cynical and bitter. Maybe we would be a little nicer and kinder to one another. Maybe we seriously need to reconsider what we believe is real, and believe in something else. 

It is time to return to a time when we believed in scientifically unproven stories. It is time we put our faith and hard work into our faith that life is meaningful. Not can be meaningful, but is meaningful. All the time, and under all conditions, because we are in charge of how we shape our reality.

We have to dream again. Go back and take on our second innocence. Embrace a second coming of our childhood. We need to see the world and our lives the way we want to see them and we have to work hard to attain it.

I know that there will be people reading this in the future, rolling their eyes, that these are nice words, maybe even nice sentiments but that is not the stark cold reality or the truth. But why can’t it be?

I am baffled these days how certain people are of their own misery and some kind of divine punishment. I am amazed that people live as though this life is some kind of a test. A battleground which if won, will lead to heaven, and if lost, will send us straight to hell. But I don’t think that is what life is. I believe life is a gift that should not be argued or second guessed but simply lived in gratitude. 

We have everything we need in order to be happy. That is if we rediscover the faith of the child that lives inside of us, and see the world not as we think it is, but rather how we want to see it. If we all woke up tomorrow and saw each other for who we would become one day, we would not make the mistakes of guarding ourselves against each other. We would not hold back our gifts from each other. We would not put off what we can do today and wait to do it tomorrow.

The deeper I go into this rabbit hole of positive thinking the more I see how burdened people are with their own negativity. Some of them don’t even know they are negative. They call themselves realists and desire nothing more than to spread their misery while thinking they are saving the world.

We need some fairytales. Some beautiful, unbelievable modern fairy tales and I hope you’ll help me write some. You don’t have to use your pen. You can simply use your life. Your outlook on the world, and by being open and positive about the future. 

The world needs fairytales. It needs to believe in them again. The time has come for the knights and the dragons to battle once again.


Cover photo generously provided by photographer Daniel Kempe.